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Easy-to-use navigation system that fits perfectly into your car.

The AVIC-D3 is a Double-DIN (it’s twice the size of a normal single-DIN CD tuner) GPS and entertainment system designed to integrate perfectly with your car’s interior; you can even customise the colour of the illumination.

The system has a 6.1 inch colour touch screen that is incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use; menu’s are dynamic, giving you quick and easy access
to the functions you need at the time you need them.

The heart of the D3 is an advanced navigation system. You get full map coverage of 26 European countries; that’s over 7.5 million kilometres of road and over 1.5 million points of interest.

The D3 always knows where you are; even if there is a weak GPS signal. A 3D Gyro Sensor continually monitors your cars movements; so the D3 is quick to respond and reroute; there’s no delay when you’re trying to find your way.

You can avoid the traffic jams, too; the D3 has a built-in TMC (Traffic Messaging Channel) receiver, which alerts you to black spots and gives you several alternative routes, depending on your requirements.

And the D3 is compatible with just about everything. You can bring your digital lifestyle in car. Play DVDs, MP3 music, DivX videos, CDs and more; or with optional accessories, you can connect your iPod, Bluetooth phone or a TV Tuner.

There’s also a front aux. in which means you can connect almost any digital music player directly to the front of the system.

The D3 is a hub of entertainment for you and your passengers.
Main Features AVIC-D3

Memory Navigation  Yes

Map Type  DVD ROM

Navigation Coverage  26 European countries

Points of Interest (POI)  1.5 million

Touch Screen Operation  Yes

Screen Size  6.1 inch

Bluetooth  Optional

Customisable Key and Display Illumination  Yes

Multi-Sensor Navigation  Yes

TMC Traffic Info Receiver  Yes

Plays  CD-R/RW, DVD Video, DVD-R/-RW, DivX, MP3, WMA, AAC

Radio  Yes

Voice Guidance  Yes

Installation Type  2 DIN In-Dash

Anti-Theft Protection  Yes

Navigation Features AVIC-D3
Voice Guidance Languages  10 languages supported: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch / Flemish , Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese

Menu Languages  10 languages supported: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch / Flemish , Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese

Expandability AVIC-D3
RCA AV Input  Yes

RCA AV Rear Output  Yes

RCA Pre-Outs  Yes

Front Aux. In  Yes

IP-Bus Control  Yes

iPod Control  Yes, with optional CD-I200 cable

USB Control  Yes, with optional CD-UB100 adapter

Portable Device Connectivity  Yes, with optional CD-RM10 cable

Bluetooth Telephony and Audio Streaming  Yes, with optional CD-BTB200 adapter

Reverse Camera Input  Yes, for ND-BC2 Camera

Audio AVIC-D3
MOSFET 50 W x 4 Amplifier  Yes

Equaliser  Yes

General AVIC-D3
Wired Remote Control Ready  Yes

Cellular Telephone Auto Muting  Yes

Map  CNDV-70D

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