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The DVH-P5000UB is more than a DVD player; it will also play your entire music collection, too.

Connect your iPod or USB memory device (with optional cables); the system will also play MP3, WMA, AAC and DivX files.

The system has IP-Bus expandability, with 1 additional video in/out and 3 RCA pre-outs as well as a rear aux-in. This means you can easily build your in-car multimedia setup by adding a DVD changer, Bluetooth adapter or even a 5.1 surround digital sound processor.

You can also easily connect it to one of our in-car screens, in the seat headrests, for example.  The DVH-P5000UB is a true entertainment hub for your car.

Main Features DVH-P5000UB
Maximum power output MOSFET 50W x 4
Tuner AM/FM Tuner (24 pre-set stations)
Plays • DVD-Video
• DVD-R, DVD-RW (VR Mode)
• Video CD
• MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC (your iTunes music), DivX
• Your iPod via the optional CD-IU50 cable
• Your USB storage device via a rear-in input
Installation type Single DIN installation (1-DIN)
Front panel Removable front panel
DVD Region Code 2
Bluetooth ready Yes, with optional CD-BTB200 adapter
Full control expansion units Multi-CD, TV, Multi-DVD, DEQ-P6600, Bluetooth, iPod, USB
Limited control expansion units DAB Tuner
Remote Control Included
Connections DVH-P5000UB
IP Bus input Yes
Aux In Yes (front-in)
RCA preouts 3 (F+R+S/W)
RCA video 1 in (for reversing camera, for example)
Optical Digital Out Yes
Hard wired remote input Yes
Direct sub drive Yes
ISO connector Yes
USB Input Yes (Rear)
Multi-channel surround sound ready Yes, with optional DEQ-P6600 digital signal processor
Input for rear camera Yes
Audio Features DVH-P5000UB
Equaliser 3-band Parametric EQ (multi-channel)
Source Level Adjuster Yes
Loudness Yes
Low Pass Filer Yes
High Pass Filter Yes
iPod Compatibility DVH-P5000UB
iPod Ready Yes, from Generations of September 2005 onwards with optional CD-IU50 cable
Compatible Generations September 2005 – September 2007
Supported Functions •Battery charging
• List browsing
• Music playback


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